My name is Jun Lin, and I am running to be your Ward 3 Councillor. Continue to read below for an introduction to my story, as well as what my values are.

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My wife Hang Jin and I have been proudly raising our three daughters in Panorama Hills since 2009. Family and community is very important to me. I am very fortunate to have obtained a Canadian education and have benefited from Calgary’s good fortunes.

I obtained my MBA and CPA in Canada. I have worked for Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission(APMC) since the beginning of 2008 when I moved here to Calgary. As APMC grows, I have taken on increasing responsibilities and various roles, such as Crown crude royalty collection, credit risk control of crude trading, financial accounting, financial analysis, funds management, and annual auditing.


I have witnessed how my family, friends, and neighbours have been affected by Calgary’s downturn. I understand what it takes to make Calgary competitive as I have spent many years trying to improve market access for Alberta’s Petroleum products and assisting with development of value added activities in Alberta’s energy sector.

I want to TRUST that my councillor and council will provide a safe community, preserve what made Calgary great, and create a prosperous future for my children in Calgary. Unfortunately, I believe our council has not delivered, and this is why I am asking for your support. We deserve a councillor that we can TRUST, and I am asking you for your TRUST.



Over the past 5 years, I have door knocked on tens of thousands of doors in and around Ward 3. There’s two things that stood out and that were consistent across the ward. 


Firstly, the fighting spirit and the never-give-up attitude. Ward 3 residents believe in Calgary, and are doing everything they can to make Calgary successful. Whether it is trying to keep their businesses afloat and their employees employed during these trying times to parents doing everything they can to keep their children’s lives as normal as possible. I understand because I also believe in Calgary and Calgarians, and I want to contribute to our greatest comeback yet.


However, I also repeatedly hear that our council does not listen. What many residents have told me is that they are frustrated with the council, and their impractical ideas and policies. They implement job killing taxes by hiking property taxes so that they can fund vanity and ideological projects. 


I believe Ward 3 deserves a councillor that you can TRUST to have your back. I am running to earn your TRUST, and I ask that you TRUST me to always put Ward 3 first.